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Nintendo Emulator

Nintendo Emulator v2.9.9
(Latest updated version)

It basically allows you to play most Nintendo games 
on your workstation or PC !

Ninendo Emulator v2.9.9
Play more than 2500 Nintendo games !!

Nintendo Emulator v2.9.9 tutorial

How to run:
+ Extract Nintendo 64
+ Go into Nintendo 64 folder and double click on Project64_1.6 and install it
+ After that go to start then all programs then Project 64
+ Put in whatever language
+ Go back to Nintendo 64 Folder and Extract any game you want
+  Go back to Project 64 File>Open ROM and click on the ROM not on zip go to the folder you extracted it in the game name should end with .z64 EX.
+ Go to Options>Configure Controll Plug-in Change  the key if you want
+ Enjoy your game.

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File name    ninendoemulatorv299-rar
File size    32802389 bytes
MD5 hash    1102cfecd457897556eb4f1b04d55f1e
SHA1 hash    051914177a82bc50bb67fd87e010009394472d03
Detection rate:     0 on 14 (0%)
Status:    CLEAN

Ninendo Emulator v2.9.9


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